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A mountain of cellphone records have been presented in court. Prosecutors used a flurry of texts between Schlatman and Millard, from around this time, the latter repeatedly asking for updates, writing "the BBQ was top priority."Jurors have also previously seen messages exchanged between Millard and Smich from July 21, 2012.

Meneses was 18 years old and dating Smich in the summer of 2012 when Babcock, who had been romantically involved with Millard, vanished.

Jurors will hear more evidence from Meneses when the trial resumes Tuesday morning.

An abundance of evidence about two incinerators — The Eliminator purchased for ,424 by mechanic Shane Schlatman on behalf of Millard, and "the BBQ," a homemade one — has been presented in court.

It was in April, a few months before Babcock would vanish."First I am going to hurt her.

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