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The fact that you – a reader I respect and try to entertain and inform every day – are reading these words that I have written fills me with more pride than I can put into words. One thing is for sure: don’t look to athletes for guidance on this one.

And the last time I checked – ten seconds ago – pride is an antonym of humility. Am I humbled by your presence or prideful about your presence? Okay, so by the actual definition of the word, your presence here at MSF would have to lower me in dignity or importance for me to be humbled by you being here. My goal with every post is to write something useful, either by being informative or entertaining or both, and for it to be seen by as many people in its target audience as possible.

I suppose it is possible Matt Millen, Le Bron James, and Michael Vick do not know, literally, what it means to be humbled. But I think there is something more to it, a more reasonable explanation for the prevalent misuse of a term as easy to understand as humbled.

I look forward to redeeming myself and proving to everybody that this isn’t who I am. I’m humbled by this experience, and I will grow from it. In response, he claimed to have made a mistake, that he was embarrassed, and that he was so humbled that he wants to redeem himself and grow from a mistake.

Yes, by jove, I believe that is textbook use of the phrase “I am humbled.” A quick recap: Hopefully that clears things up.

Let’s try again, this time with another person who has proven to have very flimsy control of the English language: “I try to play as the MVP every time I go out on the court,” [Le Bron] James said.

“If a trophy comes with it, I’m humbled and blessed and will be thankful.

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