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rvl^^}v.r INDIANA A Narrative Account of Its Historical Progress, Its People, and Its Principal Interests Compiled under the Editorial Supervision of CLARKSON W. It was a primitive highway along which traveled the Indian tribes of the North and the Xortheast, such as the Miamis and Pottawatomies, and the tierce Iro(iuois of the East. AVhatever his arguments were, they wei-e convincing, as the colonial minister at once entered u])on Cadillac's plans.

WEESNER WABASH ^^' • ■■ Assisted bv a of Advisory Editors VOLUME ILLUSTRATED THE LEWIS PUBLISHING COMPANY CHICAGO AND NEW YORK 1914 V. The former settled in the beautiful valley of the Waliash; the latter passed across it like a scourge, after the Pottawatomies and ]\Iiamis had retreated to the Illinois and the West. T'^'lwi ''' T .• ^^^"^"' ^'^l^nt-' M.: 747 Loganspoit & Northern Indiana, 238 Maurer Fred 443 Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas Com- Mc Bean Gilli's 7G T '"'"^N? ' Pont- ehartrain,' says a French writer, 'was delighted with his plan, and at once commissioned him to execute it.' 22 HISTORY 01^^ WABASH COUNTY First Militaky Posts "■ Cadillac ivtnnied to Canada and established D.'truit, as we have cilready sai.l, in ]701.

A prominent gentleman of this state who has justly earned a wide reputation for historical information stated, in a conversa- ill STORV OF WAIJASII COl'XTV 21 tioii with the writer only a few wet^ks ago, that tht.' tirst military occupation of \'iiicciiiics took place in 171G. Miami ( l''ort \Va\iu') an anti(inity I'xceeding \'inceinies by eleven years, for it is ceitain that a militai-' post was cstahlishecl at the former point in 17U.'). Tin- former affords us an illustration of ])ersonal aggrandizement, jiresented in the daring and [irivations of ^l.

C, 333 Maekey, I lorence T., 1 23 Mc Gregor, Jasper W., 344 Mackey, Joseph, 205, 214, 305, 321 Mc Cim Pe. "I am well awai'e that certain phases of these statements will be contradicted by j)ersons who have nuule considerable rt'search, pai'tieu- larly those points touching the exact date of the establishment of these posts; but it is necessary that such contradictions be acconipanied ])y satisfactory ])roof.

The Wal)ash & Erie ('anal, forerunner of the railroads, was an undisguised blessing to the people of the county for more than a quarter of a century. Sarah, 123 Detroit, Eel River & Illinois Railroad, 239, 377, 439, 453, 456 Deveri'cks, Robert K., 217 Dicken, C. L., 429 Dickerson, William, 166 Diggs, William, 300 Dillon, Eli, 208 Dillon, George, 373 Dillon, J. ,^ Martin,' Phili'p, iu7 i.r.ton, Jame^ 1 460 ,;,.,^ . Racial Amalgamation Witiioit ;.„ "Tlie history of these posts from their establishment until they were discontinued furnishes a narrative re])lete with thrilling incident. Near the close of the sevi-nteeiith centur\' this bold pioneer and statesman of New Franee ri'turned to his native country on a mission of greater importanee to ]''rench interests than was, at that time, I'ealized by his countrymen. VP OF THE AVa BASII \'a LLEY "Filled with patriotic zeal, he laid before the colonial minister, Count Ponehartrain, the tii'st map of the AVabash Valley ever made, executed by him own hands. "I5ut the lirst settlements in Indiana were not matle by ehance exjilorers, or roving fur-tradi'i's, or j)ious -Jesuits; they were made uiuler a tixed ])olie\- of the Frentdi (iovernmeiit — a policy frameil by the saga- cious J^ia ^lotte ("adillae, the founder of Detroit., •, ., COUNTY ORGANIZATION ' ' ' ' '^ ' *■ ' Original Ckeative Act — Boundaries Corrected — Legislative Attacii- . All this, while the juggli-rs never ceased raising the i)i-etended dead, and the whole ended by the distribution that was nuide to these ()i\'i)arati()iis.MENT — Given Independent Civil Body — First County Officers — Establishing the Seat of Justice — Proposition from Colonels Birr and IIanxa — First ^Ieeting of the County Board — AVabash, THE County Seat — La Gro and Noble Townships Formed — The Old Court House — Historic Lincoln Calendar — Court House op Today — The Old County Jail — Pi^esent Jail and Sheriff's Resi- dence — Early Care of the Poor — Present Support op the Poor — Creation of the Townships — County Clerks — Treasurers — Audi- tors — Sheriffs — Surveyors — Recorders — Coroners (for the Past Thirty-five Years) — Board of County Commissioners — Present County Officers 152 CHAPTER XI MISCELLANEOr S AND STATISTICAL Corn, the Poor . They ili'i)iit(' some warriors to yo to sing tlic war songs amongst their iieighliors anil allies whom they engage Ix-forehand to secret iifgoliations.

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