Grey s anatomy 7x01 online dating

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Bailey thought she told Leah to tell no one about it. As Shane finishes up an interview with parents, a pregnant teen comes bursting in.She wants in on the trial, even though the nurse already said she didn't qualify.It's Richard's birthday and Bailey invites him to scrub in on the case of a lifetime.Meredith hires a research assistant to help with her portal vein project. Meanwhile, Shane helps screen candidates for Cristina's clinical trial and meets a young expectant mother who needs his help.Couples with young children are waiting outside an office. They want to enter Cristina's clinical trial and they are hopeful because of the good results for baby Nathan. It's hard to find candidates that meet all the criteria. Jackson puts his arm around April and they awkwardly smile.Cristina then blurts out that he needs an algorhythm, some kind of scientific way of choosing the perfect mate, where you can put only the criteria you want and you're then presented with only suitable candidates. Bailey is doing an echo in the ER, asking Greg how long he's been experiencing this pain.

Shane says they're looking for pediatric patients over 1. Prepubescence, Shane clarifies, kids that are still growing. "That's perfect, I just had a huge grow spurt," she says. Richard gets excited and Bailey congratulates him again. She thinks it's creepy, like they have to bow to the hospital gods.He jokingly asks if he can use the chair and starts working.Before leaving, Meredith tells Stephanie to watch Eric read so he certainly won't touch anything. Cristina is sitting in an X-ray viewing room, looking at the parents' kid's scans. Owen comes in, asking how the picking the candidates is going. Cristina explains that Shane is meeting the candidates while she is only looking at the hearts to make sure her judgment stays unsullied.Richard opens the enveloppe as Owen starts talking to a nurse.It's a brochure about retirement, making Richard watch Owen with an angry face.

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