Interesting facts about speed dating

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But then Hogan spoke about its rippling effects: children build STEM identities much earlier than we realize; so if you can teach STEM lessons on the cheap, if you can make it as well as engaging, the potential benefits are enormous.Suddenly, poor students attending neglected public schools can have a chance at looking through a makeshift microscope.And when we thoroughly understand the shape of the molecule, we can better understand its function and, therefore, figure out how to interfere with it. Rahul Jandial Profession: Brain Surgeon and Neuroscientist, City of Hope LA Interest: Saving lives Highlight: A story about his first patient death: a woman who he kept alive for close to a month, after she was involved in a motor vehicle accident.Initial efforts included drilling into her swollen cranium to give the brain room to breath, thereby preventing brain death.The patient eventually died; in the following 12-month period, 24 additional patients died.

At first glance, there is nothing particularly impressive about doing easy and cheap science experiments.

The fast pace means you don’t have to worry about being the rejector or rejectee because you’re both on to the next one in a snap.

You’ll do anything to find love, but does it have to include paying thousands for a matchmaker or hundreds in recurring account fees for an online dating site?

In order to make those keys, we need a detailed picture of that keyhole.

By capturing every single microscopic detail of a molecule, we can truly understand the molecule.

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