Marple ordeal by innocent online dating

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After the officer had seen Sambou’s British passport, he made the “bizarre request” to inspect his train ticket.

According to German customs administration law, it is illegal for customs officers to check train tickets as this isn’t their responsibility.

A prosecutor in Cologne sent her a letter in December stating that Sambou's case wasn't going to get any further.

That’s when the officer got aggressive, handcuffed him, hit him in the face and he fell to the floor.When the 27-year-old Berlin resident arrived back at Schönefeld Airport last December after a trip to Spain, two plainclothes customs officers approached her after she’d picked up her luggage and was heading for the exit.After they demanded to check her belongings and she noticed she was the only black person in the area, she refused, questioning why they had singled her out.“Their idea of racism is if you’re an Alternative for Germany (Af D) member for instance or a Nazi,” he told The Local.Racial profiling in Germany is a “societal, structural problem” that isn’t being discussed, he added.

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