Oliver north rules dating my daughter

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I pray you tell her from me, I expect she writes often to me; by which I shall understand how all your Family doth, and she will be kept in some exercise.I have delivered my Son up to you; and I hope you will counsel him: he will need it; and indeed I believe he likes well what you say, and will be advised by you. I hope my Sister[1] is in health; to whom I desire my very hearty affections and service may be presented; as also to my Cousin Ann[2], to whom I wish a good husband.We much need the spirit of Christ, to enable us to praise God for so admirable a mercy. It seems, whilst he is attending your service, a Lease he holds of the Deanery of Windsor had like to be purchased over his head, he not coming to buy it himself by the time limited.

And therefore do your other business; let not this hinder.I rest, Sir, your loving brother, OLIVER CROMWELL “P.S.” Sir, I desire you not to discommodate yourself because of the money due to me.I would have him mind and understand Business, read a little History, study the Mathematics and Cosmography: - these are good, with subordination to the things of God.Better than Idleness, or mere outward worldly contents.

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