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However, more recent analyses have consistently placed it in Aulopiformes, specifically within the Enchodontidae, making it closer to lizard fish.

This makes a good deal of sense to me because, if you add the fangs from a payara, commonly known as the vampire fish, onto a lizard fish, you have pretty good idea of what Enchodus was like.

The individual, La Ferrassie 1, most likely occupied Europe about 50 Ka when the western portion of the continent was covered in glaciers.

The rock shelter at La Ferrassie where the cranium was discovered also yielded many other individuals, including a nearly complete adult male skeleton, a female skeleton, and five juveniles that ranged in age from prenatal to 10 years.

One of the most prominent Cretaceous fish from Arkansas is has nothing to do with herrings.

It was at one time considered part of Salmoniformes, making it closer to salmon.

The fossil is excellently preserved, with slabs containing both part and counterpart, meaning that when they split the slab, pieces and impressions were left on both sides.

The whole body can be seen, with nice detail around the head, as well as impressions of the soft tissue portions of the fins.

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That makes the world record catfish of today look positively puny.

All are believed to have occupied 6 different graves, implying that Neanderthals engaged in ritualistic funerary practices.

Three years ago, a ten year old boy was visiting a monastery in Colombia.

The specimen was found in association with several post cranial fossils in Feldhofer Cave, Germany.

Quarry workers who first discovered the fossils turned them over to Johann Karl Fuhlott, a local school teacher.

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