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A porter house was a kind of gastro pub of its day, serving chops and steak as well as beer and porter.

The cut of beef known as 'porterhouse steak' derives its name from these establishments.

It looks as though public access is permitted: but Essex Walks has been unable to confirm this.

The church itself is of Norman origins, with much of the north wall built during the 14th century. The church fell into disuse in 1598, and by 1768 was a ruin. Still, given that the building has been neglected for over 400 years it is in remarkably good condition.

” My ABDL world is only for adults who have fantasies of regressing to infancy or childhood as a way of escapism of their stressed daily routine.

We are not interested in children, and please never ask to engage with minors because we will reported you to the Met.

By 2013, the sign had gone and a beautiful, meandering walkway to the church has been created, starting from the access road to Birch Hall.

Another derelict church, All Saints, is less than a mile away on the site of Colchester Zoo.

It was the former parish church of Great Stanway, with a 14th century nave.

Demoiselles have a graceful butterfly-like fluttering flight, which you can see inset at 0.44 on the video.

Needles Eye Wood is ancient woodland with a variety of trees including Pedunculate Oaks and Sweet Chestnut.

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